Meet the Team

Jessica Rizzuto


Collection Leader

Passionate believer of the women in tech revolution and web 3.0. With over 15 years in digital advertising and eCommerce, she’s showcasing our incredible 3D tech, building and rewarding this incredible community, and empowering everyone to take, or become, their NFTs throughout the metaverse.

Kat Briggs


Collection Team Member

As a member of the company for sixteen years, Kat has had the privilege to watch Daz 3D grow and enter new markets, including the NFT space. She’s excited to assist and coordinate the creation of content and promotional artwork for the Non-Fungible People NFT project.

Kirsten Sharp


Collection Team Member

As Director of Production for Daz 3D with almost 20 years in the 3D industry, Kirsten loves the ever-evolving nature of tech. She stands at the forefront of exploring how Daz and Tafi can contribute to that evolution in a way that prioritizes inclusion in current and emerging technology.

Cecile Decourt

Cake One

Collection Artist

Cecile is one of the lead artists responsible for creating promotional imagery for the latest and greatest products launching at Daz 3D. She’s also the amazing talent behind the stunning NFP portrait visuals.

Morgan Milovich


Partnership Leader

Bringing over 8 years of brand management experience to her role as Brand Manager for Tafi, Daz, and Non-Fungible People. As a newer member of the NFT space, the NFP collection has made her feel like she has a voice as a welcomed member of the community.

Angie Simpson

Incorporeal cat

Collection Artist

Angie draws on 8 years of experience as a concept artist and 3D artist for video games and VR to create web elements and graphic imagery for the Non-Fungible People collection. She looks forward to exploring the role of art in this new and exciting space.

Jen Farmer


Community Leader

In 2021, Jen fell in love with NFTs and the rest was history! A career change later, she's now working on this project where she's responsible for leading the community engagement initiatives, managing the amazing moderator team, Discord administration, marketing support and working on collaborations within the NFT space. Building the NFP community and promoting our values has been an amazing experience for her thanks to all our #goodhumans.

Scott Lefler


Graphic Designer

Scott is responsible for the creative assets accompanying the NFP collection, bringing with him over 7 years of multi-media experience and a fondness for the crypto and NFT space. He’s thrilled to help bring the collection to life and introduce the world to some next-level utility.

Dave Desautels


Production Coordinator

Dave juggles Production Coordinator and QA at Daz 3D alongside responsibilities as a Community Manager for the NFP Discord. He’s a strong believer in women and diversity in tech and is always willing to lend a helping hand to help others navigate this ever-changing space.

Ty Duperron


Collection Leader

As COO and resident avatar expert, Ty is at the creative helm of the NFP collection with over 18 years of experience leading teams in the video game and avatar space. He’s helped revolutionize custom avatar creation with an industry-leading avatar engine and toolkit.

Matt Wilburn


Collection Leader

President, all-mountain adventurer, and longtime slinger of digital goods. Multiple creative tech companies that put artists first. Former Yahoo! and Fortune 500 brand marketing.

Andy Muth



Andy is a Senior Back-end Software Engineer at Daz 3D, and the tech-wizard behind the smart contracts and technology powering the Non-Fungible People NFT collection. He provides the know-how that ensures we navigate the blockchain space with our heads on straight.

James Thornton


"Baseball Paperhands" turned "NFT Diamondhands." Successfully led multiple public and private creative tech companies and believes the best is still ahead. Team-builder first and always.

Preston Woo


Strategic Partnerships

CSO and evangelist for NFTs and web 3.0. Dealmaker from Wall Street to Silicon Valley.

Nate Thornton

Strategic Partnerships

Nate leads strategic partnerships for Tafi and Daz3D. He is honored to support the Non-fungible People collection, which celebrates uniqueness and fosters inclusion



ManFriday is a skilled software developer and creator of the custom randomizer tool used to algorithmically generate the 3D PFPs an avatars in the Non-Fungible People collection.

Ryan Wilburn

Razzle_Dazzle NFP

Collection Team Member

Star Wars fanboy, pop-culture punk, and lover of dogs. Ryan is a Social Media Associate with experience in customer support and content production at Daz 3D. He’s passionate about crypto/NFTs and the adoption of environmentally sustainable practices in the space.

Jon Middleton


Collection Leader

CTO at Daz 3D, Jon has vast experience in software development with an emphasis in technical leadership for private and equity-sponsored businesses. Lover of beer, video games, and tech.

Saúl Estrada


Graphic + Web Designer

Saúl has over 20 years of design experience in various applications and industries. If he could have any superpower, it would be to speak every language known and unknown.

About Daz

Daz 3D is a leader in NFT strategy, marketing & full-stack development, including generative PFP collections. The company has worked with iconic brands like Warner Brothers, Champion, Coca-Cola, Samsung, Louis Moinet, and others to create cross-chain NFT collections and wearables for the metaverse. In 2021 it partnered with RTFKT (now Nike) to bring 3D utility to CloneX, and Daz has several PFP projects slated for 2022.

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