Frequently Asked Questions

What are Non-Fungible People?

Non-Fungible People is a collection of 8,888 generative PFPs designed to portray powerful, self-expressive women and non-binary people from all walks of life. Like every woman and non-binary person IRL, this collection highlights how not one character is the same. Each has their own unique qualities and characteristics that are all beautifully rendered into hyper-realistic 3D Non-Fungible People.

Each NFT includes a fully rigged 3D model built for utility across the metaverse. Pose, render, and animate your NFP in easy-to-use 3D software, become your NFP in video calls with motion capture technology, and export your model for use in other popular 3D programs.

Learn more about Non-Fungible People and check out our roadmap here:

Who makes Non-Fungible People?

The Non-Fungible People NFT collection features stunning, photorealistic 3D artwork created by Daz 3D and its award-winning international community of female, male, and non-binary artists. Learn more at

What makes the NFP team/collection different?

Beyond the incredible artwork and utility offered by the NFP collection, we have a larger team than most other NFT collections. This isn’t a weekend project, we are dedicated full time. The NFP project is sectioned into two teams:

1. A development and artwork team that creates and launches each project then pursues new projects to provide ongoing value adds for NFP holders.

2. A core NFP team engages with the community long-term with project updates, events, community growth, and more.

To put any concerns around a split focus to rest, you’re likely to see more active engagement with the development/art team during the early phases of each project or during periods of updates. If members of the team seem less available after launch, we promise they’re not ignoring you. More likely, they’re heads-down on another amazing addition to the NFP project.

Can I change how my NFP is displayed in my PFP?

Yes! You can change your NFP’s image on OpenSea by visiting the Images section of your NFP Dashboard. Select your favorite image and click “Update your image on OpenSea” to better show off your NFP’s traits. Options include:

  • Default
  • Full Body
  • Half Body

Once you’ve made your selection, refresh your NFT metadata on OpenSea to check it out!

Can I update or change my NFP’s traits?

Coming soon, we’ll be adding a Personalize option to the NFP Dashboard. Initially, this will include things like facial expressions, hairstyle, and background (with more to come) from a predetermined list of common traits. Your first trait change will be free, with each subsequent trait change requiring a fee. Only 1 trait can be changed per update.

How can I check the official NFP rarity? Will changes to my NFP affect rarity?

Official rarity scores and rankings will soon be available on the NFP Dashboard. You’ll be able to see up-to-the-minute collection rarity updates as they occur. Any trait changes or upgrades will affect overall rarity scores in real-time. Because other rarity sites like Rarity Sniper and Rarity Tools are updated less frequently, the NFP Dashboard will be your go-to place to get the latest, most accurate rarity updates.

How does the Louis Moinet watch upgrade work?

The NFP team has partnered with Louis Moinet and Exclusible to create a limited collection of NFTs featuring the Louis Moinet Space Revolution timepiece. Better yet, NFP holders have an opportunity to qualify for an exclusive Louis Moinet NFP upgrade airdrop.

To qualify for the airdrop, you must be a holder of at least 1 NFT from each of the following collections:

  • Non-Fungible People NFT
  • Louis Moinet Space Revolution NFT
  • Exclusible’s Alpha NFT

If you’re a holder of each of these NFTs, you’ll be airdropped an exclusive, burnable Louis Moinet watch upgrade for your NFP at a future date. The upgrade can be combined with your NFP using the Dashboard upgrade feature, or kept separately.

What is the Champion x NFP collection? What can I do with this NFT?

A limited collection of 888 Champion x Non-Fungible People NFTs has been airdropped at random to some lucky NFP holders.

Similar to the Louis Moinet drop, these NFTs function as an upgrade that can be burned and combined with your NFP (creating a unique wearable upgrade for your NFP avatar) or kept separately.

About Daz

Daz 3D is a leader in NFT strategy, marketing & full-stack development, including generative PFP collections. The company has worked with iconic brands like Warner Brothers, Champion, Coca-Cola, Samsung, Louis Moinet, and others to create cross-chain NFT collections and wearables for the metaverse. In 2021 it partnered with RTFKT (now Nike) to bring 3D utility to CloneX, and Daz has several PFP projects slated for 2022.

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